Black Shark is a subsidiary company of Xiaomi, one of the leading mobile manufacturer in China has leaked a teaser of its first ever gaming mobile device. It is expected to be released in the upcoming weeks.

After the announcement from Razer about their First-Generation Razon phones which is exclusive for gamer, Xiaomi has now announced its gaming device to pit oneself against. According to the source the mobile has been spotted in couple of benchmark testing websites and it’s not confirmed from the teaser that the device has round corners.

As we observer from the teaser, the image says the volume button is located in the left hand side and the power button on the right hand side. But we are still confused with the other half, yeah! the man with fencing outfit and a knight sword in his hand. This may or may not represents the head to head fight to the Razor by mentioning a blade.

According to the source the device may get powered up with Snapdragon 845 SoC with 8GB of RAM. Since the game sizes are quite large now a days it may come up with 256GB Internal memory.

Note: Specifications are just a hoax, but there is saying that rumors has the power to change the fake news to real. So lets hope for the best and stay tuned with us to get update on Black Shark.

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