What is Computer?

Computer is an electronic device or machine, that can able to do some process.
Process like creating presentations and documents, rendering, Storing data, transferring data(This operation can be performed when you have internet connection), play games, browse the web, arithmetic operations within a fraction of seconds.
An user(one who use the system) can control a computer by giving commands to it.

Charles Babbage is called as Father of Computer

 Acronym for COMPUTER

  • C     Commonly
  • O     Operated
  • M     Machine
  • P     Particularly
  • U     User for
  • T     Technical
  • E     Education and
  • R     Research


Types of Computers

PERSONAL COMPUTER – A computer used by single person at one time.
LAPTOP – A computer which is small is size and can be easily Portable.

WORKSTATION – Single user but powered with higher configuration.
MINI COMPUTER – Multi-user computer, capable of supporting  hundreds of user

MAIN FRAME – Same as Mini Computer but software technology is different from minicomputer.
SUPER COMPUTER – Extremely fast computer.

Parts of Computer

MONITOR – It’s just a screen that displays the output from CPU in a pictorial form.
CPU –  CPU is called as ‘Brain of the Computer’.

SPEAKER – It’s a output device that converts the input signal into a sound or voice.
KEYBOARD – It’s primarily an input device used to type data in form of alphabets and numbers.

MOUSE – It’s also an input device that takes the control of the cursor (or) arrow (or) Insertion point.
UPS – This act as a small power hub, which prevent the system from shutting down in case of power failure.

Uses of Computer

Science | Education | Health and Medicine | Science | Business | Recreation and Entertainment | Defence | Government | Recording Information | Sports | Writers | Analyzing Movements | Scoreboard | Safety | Stock Exchange | Forecasting | E-Learning | Online Training |  Entertainment  | E-Commerce | Stock Exchange | Forecasting.


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