Aditya Shah, a teen who is concern on Environmental issues from school days, At the age of 15 he started a non-profit organization and named it as ‘Raindrop US’ just to raise awareness among the people of California about the drought. He then later started ‘Green Society’ in his High School to increase consciousness on Global Warming.

Aditya Shah admired the beauty of Big Basin Redwood State Park. When ever he gets time, he spend time in here with his camera and capture the Natures Beauty. The worlds largest single tree, Gaint Sequoias, makes him to feel the connection with something bigger than overselves.

2017, California faced massive destruction of trees on wildfire. Record says more than 9,000 towering trees were burnt into ashes for 2200 square miles. After the incident Aditya decided to do something to stop wild forest.

Sanjana, a fellow student and a friend, We have same passion for the environment and made me to partner her up with this project. She has received several National and International awards on the Environment Space, that includes U.S. President Award in 2016.

Later we decided to develop a device that could find a solution to stop wild fire. We made plans to identity and predict the fired area in the forest and providing an early warning to the fire department. There are lot of parametric tools available but it’s very difficult to find the correct estimate and measure.  so we used Tensor Flow, Google’s Open Source Machine Learning Tool. With the help of Tensor flow we can able to measure the moisture content and amount of dead fuel.

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