1. OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro doesn’t comes with IP rating but the company says it has water resistant feature 

They have released a awful video about its new feature 


OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro has released a new video for marketing their new flagship in a different way, Now a days all the flagship mobile comes with IP rated water resistant mobile. Where, here OnePlus has come up with new technology and says this can be still a water resistant mobile without all the IP ratings.

The Company has also said that, they ain’t ready to spend extra $30 for every mobile just for the IP rated devices. To show their water resistant quantity OnePlus released a video with pride, As a funnier part the company says, its not a bucket challenge, so users don’t try to put your OnePlus 7 in a bucket. OnePlus doesn’t cover warranty for water damages, says the company.     

2. Google Pixel 3A and Galaxy Note 10 Leaks

Companies should take necessary action against the traitors 

Galaxy NOTE 10 Pixel 3A

Google’s phone always comes into peoples sight before the the official launch in I/O. It has become common now a days with google and other giants. Even Samsung’s flagship mobile get leaked couple of days ago. These giants should take serious action against the traitors and make necessary action to stop the loop hole and also from piracy. 

Google was facing a downfall on Pixel 3, Compare to Pixel 3 the previous model i.e Pixel 2 was on a good movement for certain extensive. So Google has planned for a budget mobile which cost less than $400. The mobile is expected to be launched in the Google I/O i.e on May 7th. 

On the other hand Samsung tweets that Galexy Note 10 will be more like a polished version on S10 family. And the company itself revels that the Galaxy Note 10 will have a Infinity Display i.ea complete bezel less mobile.            

3. Google allow users to auto delete their location and history

This is a serious privacy issues  

Google always tracks the users location when it’s in ON when the user is opt for it. With that data google can analysis the previous data and suggest you some good things. That hold any number of years, now for the people who wants to maintain their privacy they can now enable the auto delete option.


This includes not only your location and also your history. Both the data can be auto deleted for every 3 to 18 months, that’s the time given by google. That deleted your location and all the web histories.       

4.Facebook introduces new feature to date with your school crush ‘Secret Crush’

The Secret Crush in your facebook is not a secret anymore 


Facebook on its F8 conference released a new dating feature in 14 more countries, this feature is already existence in few other countries. In other dating apps user will have to date or chat with unknown person where as in facebook individual can connect with the people already known. This is the interesting feature compared with other dating applications.

Facebook Dating feature will be soon launched in the Colombia, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Laos, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, Suriname, Thailand, Philippines, Argentina and Mexico, expected to be launched in US late this year.        

5. Pixel 2 doesn’t get Pixel 3’s Top Shot camera feature 

Google Shouldn’t ditch Pixel 2, It’s too early for Google. 

pixel 3

Google said all the feature that comes in the Pixel 3 will also adds up the features to the previous pixels. But unfortunately google restricted a Top Shot feature for previous pixel devices. For the people who ask what Top Shot feature is?, when you take lot of picture of a same object and when you confused to choose the best one google helps the user by selecting the best image. This the feature that doesn’t comes with other pixel devices.

If you still want the top shot feature in any of your pixel devices just download it XDA developers at your own risk. 





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