Isn’t it amazing to think of an app that combines messaging, social networking, digital payments, etc. that is well secured? Well, here you have it. Suchapp is a 5G messaging ecosphere. It encrypts the data using blockchain technology. It also enables you to expand your business using the advanced features listed below:

Group Settings

Suchapp offers three types of groups: private, open and secure. The groups can have any number of users from around the world. The administrator of the group has access to powerful security and management functionalities.

Group video chat

Live video chats with family and friends can be done from anywhere in the world using Suchapp. It enables up to a maximum of four members to be on the video call at the same time.

Suchapp also enables us to take pictures and videos with magic live filters. Now you can record videos with 4k resolution. H265 (High Efficiency Video Coding) compression standard is used, that enables 4k video editing. It also allows enhanced compression of video with very less impact on the quality.

SuchappDigital Wallet & Digital Currency

With the help of digital wallet, we can easily pay bills and track the expenses. The wallet is ERC20 (Ethereum Request for Comment) compatible and allows the users to transact using any ethernet based cryptocurrency. Suchapp also provides us with a passbook feature. In future, the digital wallet functionality will be extended to handle other cryptocurrency like bitcoins as well.

The digital currency enables people to go cashless and secure their assets. With digital currency, you will be able to travel to another country and handle currency easily. It also helps to manage all your available assets. You can also have a Suchapp debit/gift card to handle your digital currency.

Business & Marketing

Suchapp is an excellent tool for various businesses. You can promote your brand, products, event, music, etc by using the 4k video broadcast option. Digital currency and Radar features will make it easier for the customers to reach you easily. The instant messaging feature will help you strengthen your business even more.

You can also give loyalty points, rewards and offers to your customers using the loyalty programs. Group administrators can send messages to the customers regarding discount sales or product promotion, once the customer signs up for the loyalty program. It also has a referral system, which rewards the users with digital currency.

Location based messaging

Suchapp includes a Radar feature that helps us find a place or a group in your location. You can look up for a trekking group in a new place or find a business group that suits you, all within 2 to 5 km radius. This makes it possible to send awareness messages to all residents in a location during a natural calamity.

Suchapp will be launched officially on October 2018. We can expect that many people will switch to Suchapp as it is having the combined functionality of messaging, social networking, digital payments and location services. It is also more secure when compared to other apps because it uses the blockchain technology. Suchapp might bring a big revolution to the online communication.

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