Sale on Google Home Products

This Mother's day, gift your mom an Assistant Device to help her around the house.


With the Mother’s day just around the corner, Google released an astute ad that relates to its hotword, “Hey Google”.

This one minute ad has a number of kids shouting “Hey Mom” which is similar in frequency to “Hey Google”. These kids need help in various things in and around the house. Be it dinner, laundry, a minor injury or a silly question, the kids need their Mother.

In the end of the video, there’s a tired mom who happens to look at pictures of herself and her mom in a device. She then says “Hey Google, call mom”.

The ad then goes on to display “Give your original helper a little help of her own.” The original helpers here are the mothers. The aim here is to get some help to your mom around the house with an assistant device from Google.

The Google Store now has sale on Home Products. The Google Home Hub now costs $99 and comes with a free Home Mini. There is also a $30 off on Google Home and a $100 off on Google Home Max. This sale ends on May 6th.


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