pixel 3A

Flipkartians would be wondering right now, what is the banner with countdown for google product, here is the unofficial leak of Pixel 3A and 3A XL which is considered to be a budget mobile from google. Yes!! It’s going to be the budget smartphone from google and it’s exclusive on flipkart from May 8th.   

Best buy kept the pixel 3A XL in a glass container open in their store. People went crazy and took photos of them and posted it every possible place they can. And it just went viral and here we are with it. 

pixel 3A

pixel 3AThe Prices are not reveled, lets leave it to the retailers they’ll possibly reveal the price too. Anyways the Google I/O is going to happen on 8th of May. We’ll get all the official details directly from the google. Stay Tuned and keep updated.   


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