It is a very difficult task when you try to take a picture in the dark. Even with the night vision technology, You only get a dark picture with green filter. With Google Pixel 3’s Night Sight feature, you can actually take good pictures even when there is limited lighting.

Google Pixel 3, which costs around $800 actually takes multiple shots and then combines them. Night Sight mode can see better than the natural eye. The pictures taken in this phone are better than the ones taken in DSLR and edited in photoshop.

How does it work?

There is a Gyroscopic sensor in the phone which detects the motion of your hands (if they are shaky). The software also detects the amount of motion in the scene, and then decides whether to take either long exposure photographs or shorter ones to reduce blur.

There are no flash lights used in the Night Sight. It enhances the light that is already present in 15 low-light pictures that are taken. The Night sight takes multiple pictures within a maximum 6 secs of exposure. It then divides the photograph into small tiles and combines the ones that align and looks best.

Artificial Intelligence is used to identify what’s in the picture and adjusts lighting and color accordingly. The image then comes out with extra saturated colors and smoothed out  skin tone.

One of the Limitations of Night Sight is that it doesn’t work when it is completely dark. It requires at least 0.3 lx of light. The photos taken in Night Vision mode might look same as editing in photoshop, but fewer skills required and also it takes no time.

This Night Vision has definitely taken the smartphone photography to the next level. But the camera itself isn’t actually capturing reality. The beautiful pictures you see are the combined work of Hardware, Software and an AI trying to make you happy.

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