Caution on Road!!

Happy news for Mario fans out-there, Google has announced that Mario is gonna guide the users for a week on the occasion of National Mario day to celebrate our most favorite mustachioed plumber on his special day that is on March Tenth- MAR10 -Day. Nothing more than to traverse the Mushroom Kingdom with Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi to rescue Princess Peach from Mario on Google Maps.

Google has collaborated with the team Nintendo to let Mario to accompany users on all of their driving adventures on Google Maps this week. To get started, all you need to do is, go to google play or App Store and update your app and open it. Select your destination and simple click on the ‘Yellow icon’ on bottom right of the google maps


After getting enabled you will see the navigation arrow will be change to SuperMario. He will be the companion for the next week wherever you travel this week. Please be Cautious on the road as well, just remember to practice safe driving.

For the people who are sociable in social medias can use the hashtag of #MarioMaps and @googleMaps.



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