Google’s CallJoy – A New Calling Agent for your Business


CallJoy is a cloud-based phone agent that helps business owners to measure, improve and automate customer service. CallJoy was developed by the team ‘Area 120’, Where the team was conducting several tests and found, small business receives average of 13 calls per day in America. In America there are 30 million small business are in active so roughly the count goes to 400 million calls per day.

CallJoy allows small business owners to concentrate more on their core work than concentrating on the phone calls, because all the phone calls are taken care by the callJoy from rejecting the spam calls and responding politely for the customers and fulfilling the customers requirements and also helps the owner for printing bills and maintaining them in the cloud.

CallJoy comes with inbuilt Analytics and insights, that help the small business owners to maintain a record and growth of their business. This feature makes the owners to work like a pro large business mans do. Also comes with ‘Unlimited call recordings and Transcripts’.

Google offers CallJoy with 14 days free plan and after the trail period it costs $39 per month for single location, that is for a single shop. That cover all the features we have mentioned above.


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