Fortnite: Battle Royale the Free to Play Battle Royale game we all know battle royale games like PUBG and H1Z1 but Fortnite: Battle Royale is little different from any other games. In this topic we cover about the common mistakes beginners made.

Check this list to become Pro

1.Forgetting To Build Under Fire
When Under fire everyone engage with opponents while taking cover its normal but in this game we need build our own cover that’s the first key to victory. By building an effective cover we had more chance to take out the opponent.

2.Mapping Building Actions To Hotkeys:
Lot of beginner player makes this mistakes to make an effective cover we should map the building hotkeys to our convenient then only we can build our hut quickly before opponent Knock it down.

3.Forgetting To Knock Down Enemy Forts
At the same time we build our Hut We need to Knock down their hut, Specifically we need to attack the weak part of the Fort peculiarly the Base part attached to land so the Entire fort will fall.

4.Forgetting To Share Health Items:
This is one of the important mistake we should concentrate all of our teammates should share the Health Item even weapons and other inventory to assure our victory.

5.Picking The Wrong Weapon
Fortnite gives a weapon in various rarity so choose it wisely

  • Grey: Common.
  • Green: Uncommon.
  • Blue: Rare.
  • Purple: Epic.
  • Orange: Legendary.

If we missed any points feel free to Comment those mistakes for more tips stay connected with


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