It is indeed everyone’s dream to have a phone with a large display and at the same time having it fit inside your pocket. Well the Foldable Phones are here, making that dream a reality.

Samsung is currently working on a device that is the size of a tablet which could be folded into a device the size of a smartphone. This Foldable phone has an Infinity Flex Display and was featured in the video that was released recently.

Two separate displays are being used in this Foldable phone. A bigger display on the inside and a smaller one on the outside. The inner display is 7.3 inches with a resolution of 1536 x 2152 p. The outer display is 4.58 inches and the resolution is 840 x 1960 p.

As glass is not flexible, Samsung had to develop a polymer that is both flexible and tough for the new Infinity Flex Display. Which means that this Foldable Phone will be able to survive thousands of folding and unfolding.


This foldable technology will have to make some compromises before it can advance. For example, the Foldable Phones are not very thin. The size of the bezels have increased. And the device itself looks a bit tall when it is closed.

Samsung will also have the official support from Android for the manufacturing of Foldable Phones. Google has to optimize Android UI for the display of multiple screens on these phones.

We can expect the launch this foldable phone in March. The cost of the Foldable phone is estimated to around $ 1700 making it the Samsung’s most Expensive phone till now. We will have to wait to find out if it will be worth the cost.

It is also rumoured that there might be foldable Iphones or an LG TV that can roll up into a box in the near future. Afterall, the era of Foldable Display has just begun.

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