Fancy stuff for your workplace under ₹1000

Cool toys and stationery that are suitable for office which costs less than ₹1000 from Amazon.


Amazon offers a wide range collection of toys and stationery that are suitable for your workplace. Today we have selected 10 things for your cubicle that might cheer you to work. 

Desk organizer

This desk organizer has multiple compartments for various office stationery such as staplers, scissors, pencils & markers, notepads and even a separate mobile phone slot that has a provision for earphone/charging cable. This will help you declutter your table and keep your workplace organized. The price is 499.

3-in-one wooden puzzle games set – 3D puzzles

Shalinindia 3-In-One Wooden Puzzle Games Set - 3D Puzzles

This set contains three 3D puzzles: diagonal burr, snake cube and interlocking blocks. These wooden puzzles help you take a break on a stressful day or to keep you occupied when you are bored. But at the same time, it keeps your brain sharp. This puzzle costs

Notepad/memo book

This compact notepad/memo book might be a handy thing to carry for a meeting. It contains sticky notes, a pen and loose papers with a clip. The cost is

Aromatherapy humidifier

It is a multi-functional device that can increase the humidity of air, add fragrance and relieve stress. It is compact, noiseless and works on USB power supply. The price is 749.  

Marvel mighty muggs hulk

If you are a Marvel fan, then this one is definitely for you. And you also have options to choose: Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Groot and Spiderman. The price of these toys ranges from

Desktop mini fan

This summer, you can chill in your office with this desktop fan that can be powered through the USB port. This fan is designed to be noiseless, durable and it does not damage the motherboard when connected to the laptop. The cost of this fan is

1-Cup coffee maker

This one is so perfect for those caffeine addicts who just can’t do without coffee. With this 1-cup coffee maker, you don’t even have to get up from your place to get coffee. It comes with a ceramic cup, permanent filter, in-built drip tray, an indicator light and a two year warranty. The price is

Multifunctional pen holder


This is a multi-purpose pen holder that comes with a digital clock and two small storage units.The LCD displays time, date, month, day and temperature. It can also be used as an alarm or timer. The storage units can be used for small things like paper clips, stapler pins or an eraser. The price is 449.

Removable blackboard

This removable blackboard may come in handy in the workplace when you have to note down something important. It comes in A4 size and costs 139.

Hanging flower pot container

This one is made of durable, high quality glass that can be used to keep hydroponic plants. If not plants, it can also be used to keep small toys and it would still be a good decoration to your table. The price is 328.

These products might also make a great gift for your colleagues during birthday or while playing secret Santa. So what are you waiting for, Just click on these links and start shopping. 

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